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Our Philosophy
We feel that everyone is a Master, whatever Level or distinction someone has. To be a Master, there has to be a strong desire for self-improvement and a willingness to work on oneself.
We run these courses because we have seen so many people grow and develop as spiritual beings. We do not believe it is because of us that this has happened. We believe it is because of the person's soul calling him or her to something more. We act as facilitators, inviting you to stretch and grow. Are you up for it?


Reiki Master - Certification Course

This course is designed for the person who wants to make Reiki an important part of her or his life. We have split the course component into two parts: the first, for those who want more symbols and a deeper sense of personal empowerment; the second for those who want to teach Reiki. Levels 1 and 2 are prerequisities.

The weekend course will provide you with the tools necessary to follow the teaching path if you desire


** Taking this weekend course will certify you as a




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