Hamilton/Haldimand Healing Pathways  



Students from Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Burlington, Oakville and Haldimand County learn Reiki with Hanneke and Andrea




  1. I will have the opportunity to study an ancient form of healing.
  2. I will learn about self healing.
  3. I will learn how to keep myself balanced and feeling good.
  4. I will discover how unlimited my potential is.
  5. I will meet like-minded people who share similar interests.
  6. I will be exposed to such ideals as living with abundance and finding it in daily living.
  7. I will begin to understand how my thoughts are energy and the importance of positive thinking.
  8. I will learn how to meditate and to take time to be still.
  9. I will engage in dialogue that will enable me to embark on a level of self-discovery.
  10. I will learn how to develop my intuition.




The Three Degrees of Reiki


First Degree

This is a permanent attunement to the Reiki ray. Once initiated, a person is able to channel Reiki energy for healing themselves and others.This course is an excellent start for those wishing to awaken or enhance their spiritual side. The first degree is the foundation of all three levels and should be mastered before considering subsequent levels.


Cost of course - $250

Overview   Course Outline



Second Degree

Second degree requires further initiations for increased access to the Reiki ray and attunement to the symbols utilized in this level. The student is trained to use the appropriate second degree symbols that provide an increase of power for absent (long distance) healing and mental/ emotional healing.


Cost of course - $250

Overview   Course Outline



Third Degree


This designation is the level of Reiki Master, a teacher of Reiki. The initiate receives further attunements and learns other sacred symbols which enhance the treatments. The student is attuned to the full power of the Reiki ray. Many use this level for personal development. For those so guided, the path of teaching begins to unfold.


Cost of course - $450 for Master level






Comments from our Reiki Students


It was an amazing experience that can't be explained in words. I believe it will help me go to the next level in my own healing. Both Andrea and Hanneke are amazing!

KP - Burlington




This course taught me more than I expected. Both of you did a fantastic job. I will for sure be using Reiki! See you at Level 2.

LK - Burlington




One of the greatest experiences of my life for which I will always be grateful. I only wish it lasted longer.

NE - Stoney Creek


This was a nice sized class that allowed for a more personal feel.

KW - Hamilton




Excellent job. Good price.

JL- Oakville



I am already looking forward to Level 2.

MF  - Stoney Creek



I enjoyed it very much. It opened my eyes. I believe it will set me on a new path.

ND - Stoney Creek



I really enjoyed the course as a whole! Thank you!

NZ -  Stoney Creek


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