Hamilton/Haldimand Healing Pathways  



Course Outline - It's not JUST Reiki!!!!

  • Learn the Symbols and When to Use Them
    • the power symbol
    • the emotional/mental symbol
    • the distance healing symbol
  • Learn Practical Applications for the symbols
    • learn to "clear" a room of unwanted energy
    • learn to let go of addictive life patterns
    • learn to send energy

  • Relax and Attune to the Energy
    • receive an attunement to Reiki 2 energy
    • experience 2 guided meditations
    • learn to ground energy

  • Get valuable practical experience
    • learn to scan the body using dowsing
    • learn to balance and align the chakras before a treatment using different methods
    • practice various methods of using the symbols
    • learn to use crystals to enhance the treatment
    • learn to beam energy into another room
    • send and receive distant healing
    • experience and give group healing using new techniques
    • experience and give a full treatment

  • Enhance treatment protocols
    • learn more about frequency of treatment
    • review proper procedures
    • learn to set up a health questionnaire and waiver

  • Be in a good environment for learning
    • be in a non-judgmental setting
    • have lots of opportunity for questions
    • receive lots of positive feedback and opportunities for growth
    • be exposed to new thought from two seasoned, veteran teachers
    • lots of easy-going fun and laughter!
    • be with like-minded people and make new friends

Comments from our Reiki 2 Students

Hanneke and Andrea, not just Reiki Teachers, but soul cleansers and healers. I learn and heal so much in their presence

NB - Burlington



It was more powerful this time. Instructors were awesome. I really enjoyed my weekend gaining and experiencing their knowledge.

KP  - Burlington



Thank you for a wonderful and grounding weekend.

JL - Oakville




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