Hamilton/Haldimand Healing Pathways  



Course Outline - It's not JUST Reiki!!!!

  • Experience Energy!
    • through sound and sensation
    • by learning psychometry
    • by experiencing aura
  • Learn the Foundations of Reiki
    • by learning the history
    • by learning the philosophy
    • by learning to "Be Reiki
  • Relax and Attune to the Energy
    • receive attunements on both days
    • experience 2 guided meditations
    • learn to ground energy and clear aura
  • Get valuable practical experience
    • learn to scan the body using intuition and sensation
    • learn to check the chakras for balance
    • learn to balance the chakras before a treatment
    • practice self healing
    • learn to give Reiki to plants and animals
    • experience and give group healing
    • experience and give a full treatmen
  • Learn proper treatment protocols
    • learn proper hand positions
    • learn ethical standards of treatment
    • learn practical ideas of setting a proper ambiance
  • Be in a good environment for learning
    • be in a non-judgmental setting
    • have lots of opportunity for questions
    • receive lots of positive feedback and opportunities for growth
    • be exposed to new thought from two seasoned, veteran teachers
    • lots of easy-going fun and laughter!
    • be with like-minded people


Comments from our First Reiki 1 Students (June 12/13, 2004)

Wonderful experience! Learned a lot about energy, chakras and healing.. exceptional teachers... would recommend this course to everyone.

AN  - Stoney Creek


Excellent class. Good vibes and good company. Learning to look inside oneself and feel the healing, and to be able to channel the energy towards the source was an awesome experience.

JS  - Stoney Creek


It was an incredible weekend. I felt things I never dreamed possible.

KS  - Hamilton


I feel more in tune with myself, more at peace and I've developed some valuable insights and exciting visions.

SS  - Stoney Creek


It answered a lot of questions I had about healing energy. The instructors were both very helpful and encouraged any and all questions.

SK - Smithville


I totally loved every minute.

KD  - Fort Erie